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Creating content for your Tiers that will rank high in Google!!
Finding relevant content and spinning it.
Pass Google's juice to your Money Site!!

Rank ultra fast in Google with high relevant automatic content!!

Make automatically unlimited generated relevant content that will rank high in Google!

Insane Article Generator does not use articles directories, because all articles there have been overused hundreds or thousands of times.

Insane Article Generator searches for phrases that are considered relevant by Google and many other search engines, and also looks for titles and subtitles that are considered very relevant for your keyword. With all this material Insane Article Generator generates new articles, which are spinned to give a high percentage of uniqueness and they are, of course, very relevant to your keyword. They are not articles specifically created to be read by people, but to be read by search engines. Remember that the articles from Insane Article Generator are for use on your Tiers. Google does not read the articles like a human does.

What is the difference?

Search engines use a "semantic network" to see if an article is relevant or not for a specific keyword.

The extent to which an article contains the keyword that comprises this "semantic network" determines its relevance.

If a site is about a certain topic, Google knows which terms form the characteristic "semantic network" that are typical of that keyword.

The more of these terms appear in that site, the more relevant Google considers the site.

Insane Article Generator scrapes the content that Google considers most relevant for each keyword, phrases more specifically related keyword phrases, and uses these to form new articles after doing some advanced spinning and adding highly relevant headings and subheadings.

Insane Article Generator is specifically aimed at creating content to be read by search engines (not by humans) and be ranked high in search results. To use this articles in Tiers that pass juice to your Money Site.


Insane Article Generator can:

Detect and scrape the most relevant content for any keyword.

Generate dozens of highly relevant articles for any keyword.

Force Google and other search engines to rank the content high.

Add relevant images and videos to your articles to make them look more natural.

Create articles as plain text, HTML or BBCode.

Here are all of the best features:
Additionaly searchs for the most relevant keywords-related content to enrich the article and make it even more relevant. Search and scape the contents that are already considered relevant for the top search engines. With a special use algorithm, the content is used to create new articles, after being spinned , has a high uniqueness.

Insert images and videos to make the articles more natural looking. Search for more content -automatically when you have used 50% of the scraped content. It uses highly related titles and subtitles to be even more relevant to in Google's eyes.

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Customers Feedback

"As a beginner I tried using some other content generation software but got completely baffled with the settings. I was not getting good results as those software required a lot of prior knowledge of spinning, scraping etc. IAG is a perfect product for beginners that does it all on one simple panel. You dont need to go through several tabs just to get the software to generate some decent 2nd tier content."
"Thank you zoo much for giving me the opportunity to test your amazing software. I had the chance to test your last Beta Insane Article Generator. I must say I have never seen something like this, its so easy to use, very quick and does amazing job, very useful."
"Creating articles with Insane Article Generator is a breeze. Software interface is clean and simple with tons of skins. I really love the insert image/video option, as this makes my article look more legit. You can use your own spinner or the one that comes bundled with this software. It's really just copy/paste work. I generally use this type of content with my tier 2 links, and the results are excellent so far."

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